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Advice on how to compose a technology dissertation 

Technology is a vast field which does not only comprise of supercomputers, automated machineries, latest gizmos, remote-controlled appliances, etc. It is a field that can be related to many other fields, such as: education, communication, sports, etc.
One cannot know about all forms of technology but if it is a college or a university task, the topic will be probably set on what is being covered in the syllabus.
In case it is something outside the curriculum then it is suggestive that one performs a good deal of studying of what is being asked before embarking on such a discourse. Moreover, if one is given a choice of his/her own, it is advisable that one opts for something after judging the theoretical importance of his/her choice and also its practicability. In short, it is advisable that one chooses a topic that he can initiate on with utter ease.

  • Avoid plagiarism
    At times it can be hard to come up with raw stuff for dissertations on technology. While it is suggestive that you refer to books or multiple informative websites or the views of your instructor the examiner or whoever is going to supervise your work wants to know about your feelings or opinions about what you are writing on.
  • Theory, Operation and Hypothesis
    Since a dissertation requires you to take the responsibility of your own learning about a particular topic of study it is necessary that you ground your observations and analyses on solid researches that you have made. Then, you can discuss about them in a separate discussion box. If there are multiple results of an experiment or test, it is advisable that the discussions or hypotheses are displayed in separate chapters. It is through experimentation and testing that you are to validate the importance of your theory in the study of that particular field or a certain aspect of the field.
  • To help you work
    Discussion about the topic amongst your research group members and, if possible, with your seniors, who had worked on a similar topic, can provide you with useful insights into the topic. This will enable them to argue and judge their own ideas and opinions. For instance, how a particular upgrade made on a computer software has affected it’s usage or how they’re judging a new scoring technique being utilized in colleges of a particular state.
    Moreover discussion with your supervisor is necessary in terms of the format he would like his group to follow in their papers, points or chapters that they must include, the preferable kind of researches and so on.
    Discussion with students of a senior year, those who had worked on similar topics before can be of great help as they can provide you with information as to what is desirable in you dissertations, what could be included to fetch you more marks, a particular pattern that is to be followed (more so in cases of certain examiners or supervisors), etc. . Better if you can persuade them to lend their papers for reference.