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Guidelines on pharmacology dissertation writing

Pharmacology, or the pharmaceutical sciences, is that branch of science that deals with the study of biochemical and what to administer in order to cure a certain sickness or physical abnormality, which is currently treatable. Students of pharmacology go on to become pharmacists, who not only make sure that the doctor has prescribed the right medicine and the right dosage for you, but also whether the recommended dosage is the right one. Moreover, pharmacists are also helpful in recommending effective options for medication when the ailment is not severe enough to consult with a doctor.

  • Use scientific names
    While writing your dissertation on pharmacology, make sure that you use the correct scientific name of all medications and chemicals. This is because, even though almost all drugs have a street or over-the-counter name, by which they are generally referred, as a student of pharmacology, you are expected to know the scientific name. While writing these names, be sure to keep the following in mind:
    • Correct spelling: Always keep your internal spell-check on at all times when writing your paper on pharmacology. This is an integral part of writing a good paper.
    • Uppercase and lowercase: Know when and where to use uppercase and lowercase letters and implement this knowledge in your papers.
    • Underlining: Some chemical names and scientific names require you to underline them. Make sure you do this properly, otherwise, the names may not be valid.
  • Mention all details
    Pharmacology is one such subject where there is no scope for ambiguity. All the details should be clearly set on the table. While mentioning any medical drug in your dissertation, make sure that you give an elaborate account of all the details of that drug instead of simply mentioning it. This includes stating its scientific name, its commercial name, and its chemical composition, at the very least. If there is scope for more, also mention the purpose of its intake, its recommended dosage for every age group, and its side effects.
  • Clean presentation
    You should consider it a necessity to ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of your paper. A paper on pharmacology cannot be filled with smudges and errors on every line. It needs to be as clean and clear as possible so as to get you a good grade. A good advice is to try and work out the kinks in your paper on a rough piece of paper and then enter the correct data in the final paper.