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Vital advice on how to get ready for your Master's thesis defense

Once you are done with writing your Master’s thesis, you can relax a bit, but you have to remember that the most important thing is ahead of you – and that is the presentation of your work. You have probably spent months on doing research and writing your thesis, but the grade you get is mostly connected to the presentation you will give. You have to be prepared, calm and ready for success.

Sleep and eat well

Sounds like a simple task, but many people have trouble relaxing the night before the day you will present your Master’s defense. You have to plan ahead, and do all the finishing touches a week before the day of presentation, because you don’t want to leave everything for the last day. A few days before your big day, try to relax and do something else that will relax you and clear your head. Go see a movie, or if you have time, plan a small trip. Just make sure to do all the preparations ahead, so you won’t have to worry about anything on the day of presentation, not even what you are going to wear.

Make a good presentation

Great presentation is the key of great defense speech for your thesis. You will need some time to prepare your slides, and make sure they are understandable and easy to use. Slides are there for you as much as for your audience. If you forget what you need to talk about next, you can always look at your slides and remember. Some professors allow their students to have reminders, but often all you are left with is your own presentation. Insert some slides that are only pictures or tables, so it will give you some time to prepare for the next topic you are going to talk about.

Practice makes it perfect

While you are preparing your presentation, imagine you are presenting it to a full classroom. Ask someone that is supporting to help you out, and be your audience. If you can present to a single person your thesis, try with more people. Invite some friends over and ask if they would like to hear your presentation speech. They can give you some good tips or ask you some questions, so you can be more prepared for the moment you are actually presenting your thesis.