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Composing A Structural Engineering Dissertation

At the very basis of the gradual evolution and rise of civilisations of our species, lies the basic fact that we were one of the very few species to have gained a vast knowledge of engineering and, most definitely, the only one to have mastered it. Engineering is a very broad term as it may indicate any of the various sub-branches of the subject, such as the likes of, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and so on and so forth. Here, we will only deal with civil engineering, vis-à-vis, structural engineering.

Deciding on a topic

The first and foremost thing that you must do before starting off on your engineering dissertation is decide on a suitable topic that is conducive for research. This means that you must try and settle on a topic that is unique and has not been delved into much by engineering students, yet. However, be sure that it is one that you are confident about and ensure beforehand that you will not fall short of sufficient data for your research. Once you are happy with the topic you have chosen, you may proceed with the thesis.

Get the format correct

One of the most integral things to keep in mind while working on an engineering dissertation is that the format of writing which you choose to follow will factor into your final grade. Generally, a particular format is followed, universally, but if your teacher has recommended any other format, it is best that you stick to it. The general format is:

  • Title Page
  • Index Page
  • Introduction
  • Hypothesis
  • Procedure
  • Data collection
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

Sources of information

It is no secret that the Internet is the world’s biggest library and, probably, the best source for you to look for secondary data. However, the fact remains that you are not the only one with access to it and, hence, the information becomes quite generic. Instead, try looking into books and research papers scripted by persons of eminence in this field as additional reading. Do make sure, however, that you do not blindly copy and paste information without providing proper citation as that would amount to plagiarism.